July 5, 2023 – The Geysers Power Company, LLC, an indirect subsidiary of Calpine Corporation, has signed a new long-term agreement that will increase delivery of geothermal power to the City of Pasadena. Under a deal with the Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA), Calpine will provide 25 MW of existing generation over 15 years, starting in 2027, to meet Pasadena’s capacity and renewable energy needs.

“Calpine is proud to work with SCPPA to bring reliable, clean, and affordable energy to families and businesses in the City of Pasadena and looks forward to working with additional Southern California Municipalities in the future.” said Calpine’s Gevan Reeves, Vice President of Origination. “Calpine operates the world’s largest geothermal facility in California and pleased to work with Pasadena to meet their low carbon goals. For over 40 years, Calpine’s overarching philosophy has been based on sustainability and innovative solutions toward achieve a low-carbon future from geothermal energy, carbon capture, and grid-connected storage.”

Located north of San Francisco, The Geysers is the single largest geothermal electrical operation in the world. A geothermal resource occurs when water deep below the earth’s surface is heated by exposure to hot, porous and permeable rock resulting in dry steam or hot water. At The Geysers, steam is collected and piped overland to a network of interconnected power plants where it spins conventional steam turbines that drive generators to produce clean, reliable electricity for Northern and Southern California.

About Calpine Corporation

Calpine is charting the course to a cleaner future for California. Our state has set ambitious clean energy goals, and The Geysers is helping energy providers meet those targets with green, reliable, geothermal energy. The Geysers reliably supports California with up to 725 MW of clean, geothermal energy every hour of every day. Each year, Calpine’s operations at The Geysers prevent the emission of 2.4 million tons of carbon dioxide that would have otherwise been emitted by existing power generation facilities – the equivalent of removing 432,500 cars from the road. Calpine and The Geysers are committed to sustainable management, and through innovative recycled water projects, environmental problems for local communities are solved while simultaneously generating reliable energy for California. To learn more visit www.calpine.com; https://gogeothermal.geysers.com/